Ted's Big Ride---Day Four

Paducah, KY to Aurora, MO
May 3, 2006

The day was a wet one with heavy rain at times and also pea size hail. The helmet tunes out somewhere between a D# and Cb. Also note: Times shown are ALWAYS EDT (from my camera) although I am now 'living' in CDT.
Plan distance: 364 miles
Plan time at posted speed limit: 9 hours 35 minutes

Actual distance:  Today=382 miles,    Total=1404 miles

Average Miles/Gallon: 39.7
Average Price/Gallon: $2.909
7:19:26 AM View of sunrise over the muddy Ohio River from my hotel window. This is really a working river with tugs and barges passing in procession. That is not a problem as the are quiet, unlike trucks on the interstate.
9:40:37 AM The bike got dirty running through the rain yesterday so I took a time-out to put the shine back on.
11:51:21 AM I met a old friend, Nicole Merrell, for breakfast at Waffle House before leaving town. [Note to Pete and Arni Merrell: Nicole is doing REALLY well.]
12:07:33 AM Spotted a H-D dealership on the way out of town and picked up their t-shirt. The staff was quite impressed that I was taking a 'sporty' for a major ride. Everyone wished me a good trip.
1:17:27 PM Entering Missouri...the scenery doesn't get much better than this ;-(
1:36:54 PM A tale of two wrecks. Don't really know how this got here but it is a doozie. The administration isn't doing any better either.
2:06:36 PM Motoring across MO. Not much to look at, and this isn't even an interstate.
3:16:13 PM Dark clouds up ahead, Oh Darn. I stopped here to get into my rain gear and fill up the tank, just for good measure.
3:17:46 PM The raingear provides really reflective leg action.
6:14:30 PM Finally got through the storm. Tough ride with rain heavy at times and hail going plick, pLiNk, PLINK on the helmet.
6:34:05 PM I didn't see the pot of gold, but look close-there is a rainbow there.
7:16:19 PM UUh-Oh, more rain coming. Well the rest of the day was just spotty rain. There was not any sights that caught my eye, so I pressed on and ended the day in Aurora, MO. Somewhat SW of Springfield. Good launching point to pick up bits and pieces of Rt66 tomorrow in Oklahoma.