Ted's Big Ride---Day Forty

Rutland, VT to Dumont, NJ
June 8, 2006

I had a great visit with my sister Stephanie and her husband Ed Ryan in Rutland. It had been a very long time since we saw each other and the visit was fantastic. Thank you both for emailing me DURING my adventure and offering me a stopover and all the gracious hospitality. As an aside, having a flexible plan in life allows unforeseen opportunities to become realities.

My riding plan today is to take Rt 7 out of Rutland and head south till I hit the Takonic Parkway. By chance, I never got to the Parkway and took Rt 7 all the way to Norwalk, CT. Not a bad ride, just longer. But I must say that the road in northern CT is absolutely georgous.

Plan distance: 241 miles
Plan time at posted speed limit: 6 hours 12 minutes

Actual distance:  Today=247 miles    Total=9,146 miles

Average Miles/Gallon: 50.0
Average Price/Gallon: $3.019

Steph and I together again after about 33 years!

1:27:46 PM Entering Massachusetts
2:00:50 PM Pretty lake Oneta at Pittsfield, MA
2:55:16 PM Entering Connecticut
Well, I got to my Mother's house at about 6:20 PM. The ride was on and off rain, but never very hard. Now there is only one more leg to the adventure, and I leave for home tomorrow.