Ted's Big Ride---Day Forty-One

Dumont, NJ to HOME
June 9, 2006

Well this leg is one that I have done many times by automobile. I got out my EZPass, which I have had but not used in the past 5+ weeks, placed it under my coat and headed off toward home. Traffic was as usual for a Friday afternoon, horrible, heading down the Garden State Parkway. But after I got on the NJ Turnpike the trip smoothed out to cruise control. There were storms present in the distance, some evidence of wet roads, but I never had any rain---my lucky last leg. Well, I got home as darkness was falling upon me, but I made it STILL SMILING.
Plan distance: 234 miles
Plan time at posted speed limit: 3 hours 41 minutes

Actual distance:  Today=246 miles    Total=9,392 miles

Average Miles/Gallon: 48.2
Average Price/Gallon: $ 3.249

My mother, Ethel Standish, at 92 years young checking out my ride.

4:11:11 PM All packed up and leaving Dumont, NJ on the last leg of this grand adventure, somewhat sadly!
7:11:47 PM Crossing from NJ into Delaware

Clouds threatened all the way home, but never rained on my final leg.

9:17:24 PM Home SAFE and SOUND, Mission Accomplished!!! Where have I heard that before? Oh Well, now I have the weekend to adjust my mental attitude to be able to go the office Monday morning and sit at a desk in the basement of R&E building. Not a encouraging thought, huh?

It was a great adventure and I thank all you that I met along the way and all others those emails and best wishes enlivened my trip. I did really, very much enjoy the experience and adaptations along the way. It is VERY NICE to be home again with my fantastic spouse and I am just enjoying some relaxing time with Claudia and my six feline friends. I guess that wraps up this great adventure...Till the next one, Cheers, -ted

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