Ted's Big Ride---Day Five

Aurora, MO to Aurora, MO and back
May 4, 2006

Well I got all my gear dried out, but it's still pouring. DRAT!!! I was hoping to la-la along Rt66 in North Eastern Oklahoma like---Got a full tank of gas, half-a pack of cigarettes, sunglasses on, Hit It--- in the sun. But NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
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10:08:12 AM This morning I opened my window to a marvelous site. The 'Aurora Houn Dawgs' monogrammed water tower.
It is really raining here, so I checked with NOAA. Turns out I am directly under the RED area of the map. Now what should I do? Normally when I have a plan, I pursue it without adaptive reasoning. But now WAIT...I think I will take the prudent approach and just see how tomorrow looks. I have already talked to Roger at the Front Desk and booked in for another night.
Highlight for a rainy day
6:32:41 PM The menu cover at Richard's Hawgwild BBQ. Seems that Aurora spelling is in a league of it's own, e.g.. Houn Dawgs and Hawgs.
6:51:39 PM This is the Pit Plate dinner I ordered. Although, I had already gotten a combo plate initially by mistake. They said sorry for the mix-up and gave me both dinners. I had way more BBQ than I would normally eat, but I couldn't decide what not to eat since it was all so fantastic. There was pulled pork, ribs, sliced beef, some sort of beef (pardon this) hot dog looking tube, with sides of cole slaw, potato salad, and 2-pit baked beans which were awesome.

A fellow motorcycle enthusiast introduced himself to me as we were all leaving. Silly me, by the time I got back to the room I unfortunately forgot his name. So if/when you read this, kindly email me your name and I'll acknowledge you here. His main ride is on an Indian, a venerable classic USA made bike and notably America's first motorcycle. He is planning a ride to Las Vegas in the not too distant future. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement and kind words about my ride.
7:17:01 PM This is Richard's Hawgwild BBQ which I found by chance in the local phone book. Notice that the rain has stopped. I can only hope it stays that way.
9:33:00 PM Looks promising for tomorrow. Prudence has (maybe) paid off, now there is a lesson learned for me!