Ted's Big Ride---Day Six

Aurora, MO to El Reno, OK
May 5, 2006

Looks much brighter this morning so, I'm off to tackle the old Rt66. Below are some of the highlights of the day. Leaving Oklahoma City is started to rain again, ever increasing. I stopped at the first motel I saw but they did not have a web connection. For some reason I wanted some outside connectivity so I pressed on. It took me about 20 miles and two more stops to find the 'correct' accommodations. So here I am at a Best Western in El Reno. Hopefully awaiting what the weather gods are going to throw at me tomorrow. I plan to go to Clinton, OK where the OK Rt66 Museum is. Cheers to all.
Note to David/Linda Jones, Mike Uranich, and Don Jones: Looks like I going to be running at least 1-2 days behind original schedule.
Plan distance: 301 miles
Plan time at posted speed limit: 6 hours 23 minutes

Actual distance:  Today=331 miles,    Total=1735 miles

Average Miles/Gallon: 40.5
Average Price/Gallon: $2.722
08:00:00 AM The first thing I did when I got up was look outside. This was encouraging; secondly, I checked NOAA and this looks so much better that yesterday. Spotty showers are much better that complete downpour.
10:12:57 AM Well here I am all packed up and ready to start out. Getting all the gear on is becoming routine now. Funny thing is, there seems to be more room in the bags than when I left? I don't notice anything missing...yet!
10:50:11 AM Me being a Easterner, I find that I must be geographically challenged to classify Missouri as either the south or the west? But maybe Granby needed to make that claim in order to garner the coveted 'Oldest Mining Town' accolade.
12:02:46 PM Now you might be thinking at this point, "Hey, I don't remember Kansas being identified in the summary route plan. I guess Baird has gotten himself lost AGAIN." But if you did have that thought, NOT THIS TIME. I got some last minute Rt66 details from my wonderful spouse which included Miami, OK. In order to arrive in town on old Rt66 (and bypass the OK Toll Turnpike) I actually planned for this.

I also got to pick up another state for my state count. Currently at 8. If I could count all entries into Kentucky I'd have at least two more.
Following the Historic Route.
Notice the blue skies of Kansas at 12:14:32 PM
and the lousy clouds in Oklahoma at 12:43:25 PM.
1:43:29 PM This is the sign that caught my eye in Afton, OK. I returned to see what the building construction was all about. There I met David Kane, a fellow Harley/Packard/Porsche enthusiast.

He has some really nice cars that he is going to showcase in his to-be-completed museum. David and the crew were just breaking for lunch and he was kind enough to offer me a sandwich and a drink.
During the lunch break David gave me route pointers and some of the Rt66 history. Thanks a lot David.
3:29:59 PM The Blue Whale in Catoosa, OK is still an icon that can't be missed. Be forewarned, early in the tourist season, Big Blue is really hungry. For more info on the history of the whale.
3:50:55 PM This looks like a vintage motel sign in Tulsa, OK on the Historic Rt66 way through town.
4:38:02 PM In the middle of nowhere, not a drop of water to be seen. There are these two boats in a docking arrangement for the atmospheric effect providing an entrance to a now-defunct restaurant. Not a bad idea for lending a catch-of-the-day ambiance to the plains of OK.