Ted's Big Ride---Day Seven

El Reno, OK to Clayton, NM
May 6, 2006

Updated Note to David/Linda Jones, Mike Uranich, and Don Jones: Looks like I going to be running 2 days behind original schedule.

Plan distance: 378 miles
Plan time at posted speed limit: 8 hours 49 minutes

Actual distance:  Today=417 miles,    Total=2152 miles

Average Miles/Gallon: 35.0
Average Price/Gallon: $2.919

It's true and proven that Mileage decreases as speed increases. Additionally, I noticed that in Missouri and Oklahoma, all premium gas is 91 octane vs. 93 that we are used to back East.

10:28:58 AM All ready to go. Another Harley rider way also checking out and snapped this pic for me. Not currently raining but the sky looks ominous. Rain top on and pants at the ready.
11:06:11 AM I had to double back a little from the motel to re-join Rt66...Off I go for another day.
11:56:44 AM This and the following three (3) photos are taken in Hydro, OK. Notice that I am in full rain gear ;-(
Unfortunately, it really rained while getting to here.

Established in 1901, Hydro was named for its abundance of good well water.  The town grew with an economic base of agriculture but really began to bustle as Route 66 came through town.  The Mother Road skirts the southern edge of the community, but taking the time to see Hydro’s downtown district will reward you with several vintage peeks, including the Route 66 Soda Fountain, where you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped back in time and the Graffiti Grill, featuring a restored 1940 purple Cadillac out front.  Both businesses are located on Hydro’s Main Street.  Another stop is the Johnson Peanut Company, located at the intersection of Highway 68 and Route 66.  This place has been doing business for more than 60 years along the old highway, offering every kind of peanut, peanut candy, and peanut oil available.  Try the hot and spicy peanuts as you take a tour through this historic facility.

11:58:44 AM
12:02:55 PM
12:05:20 PM Classic gas gravity feed device...can't really call it a "pump" now can we!
12:18:03 PM Making use of the abundant prairie wind. For a couple of miles, turbines dominated the landscape in all directions.
12:28:37 PM Clinton is a city located in Custer County, Oklahoma. As of the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 8,833.

Now I have done the math and there are 24 churches listed, and they are obviously expecting MORE. Anyway, that works out to 368 people (man/woman/children/etc) for every church. That's hi density churching for sure. DC would need greater that 26,063 for the same load factor. How many ways can you spell GOD?
1:55:28 PM Clinton is home to the state museum dedicated to the memory of "The Mother Road." Great place to stop and be amused. The tour includes an informative 'acoustaguide' for additional sensory overload.
12:56:51 Colorful Rt66 diagram in the Clinton Museum.
1:08:38 PM This is the engine compartment of a vintage International Harvester truck. I just loved the hand-activated lubricating device. When and why did they even do away with that option?
1:15:05 PM No comments necessary ;-)
1:20:55 PM A period piece diner is also in the museum, only just for show, no 5 cent burgers anymore.
2:09:22 PM Pretty rolling grasslands and friendly horses. I stopped and was able to pat them on the head. I must have looked like a meal ticket.
6:30:12 PM After 5 hours in the saddle from the Rt66 museum I could not pass up a (very large) double dip cone for $1.99. N*I*C*E.
8:04:04 PM Arrive at my planned destination, but why am I here? Well my lovely spouse, Claudia, was actually born here and my mission is to try to get a picture of her old house. Trouble is, things change. People don't consider the progressive implications of home improvements. My quest will resume tomorrow morning.
8:14:52 PM Another mission objective was to get a picture of "Rabbit Ears Mountain." This one had me more concerned that the house. But it turns out this one is a no-brainer. The objective dirt mount is the ONLY visible geologic enhancement that can be seen from anywhere in town, or even approaching town (in any direction).
8:22:48 PM It says something like this:

Clayton is a town located in Union County, New Mexico. As of the 2000 census, the town had a total population of 2,524. It is the county seat of Union County.

Black Jack Ketchum was the only person ever hung in Union County, (and in Clayton) New Mexico.  He was also the only person who suffered capital punishment for the offence of "felonious assault upon a railway train" in the State of New Mexico.  Later, the law was found to be unconstitutional, but way too late for Thomas Ketchum.  According the annals of American Jurisprudence, he was the only criminal decapitated during a judicial hanging.  The only other recorded example was in England in 1601.
10:27:17 PM I looked in the town directory and The Eklund Dining Room and Saloon looked interesting. I rode over there and there were 7-8 Harleys outside (OH, biker joint).

Well I go in and the maitre de seats me next to this mixed group of 12-14 folks all wearing Harley clothes. They welcome me and immediately include me in the socializing. Turns out they rode here today (from Kansas City, MO) for dinner and will be riding back tomorrow. Now is that a record of some sort? Well, another thing struck me as funny. The restaurant features what they call a K.C. Strip Steak, in New York it's a Chicago cut, in Washington it's a New York cut...if you get my drift. The grass is always greener... But wait, this group rode 560 miles in one day to get a hometown steak.

The KC HOGS do love to ride, and are about the friendliest group you could hope to run into.