Ted's Big Ride---Day Eight

Clayton, NM to Taos, NM
May 7, 2006

First thing this morning, I rode up and down most of the streets in Clayton trying to find Claudia's house. Didn't have much luck.

I am currently in Taos, NM. This is a wonderful little town nestled into the base of the mountains. Today's descriptions shall be somewhat sparse due to that fact that I need some down-time. I'll refresh this soon.
Plan distance: 170 miles
Plan time at posted speed limit: 4 hours 48 minutes

Actual distance:  Today=220 miles,    Total=2,372 miles

Average Miles/Gallon: 36.9
Average Price/Gallon: $3.136

This is the sole photo image that I had to try to identify the house where Claudia spent the first four years of her life. Turned out to not provide enough distinctive characteristics to isolate the house, some 50 years later.
This is a file photo of St. Joseph Hospital where Claudia was born. I asked about the hospital and was told that the old building was razed to make way for low income housing. Notice all the vacant real estate around the hospital. Clayton has since grown past this site by at least a 1/4 mile, unfortunately mostly motels, gas stations, the car wash, etc line the main drag now.
2:11:28 PM The Wood clan must have been from somewhere else and missed the desert fauna, Problem solved, they built at least 3 saguaro cacti out of pipe. Two are visible in this pic, and they are all different colors. This is a superb example of Wild West yard art.
2:46:56 PM Hand-made cowboy mailbox holder. Yard art WITH functionality.
4:02:40 PM This is a ranch I heard about when I was in scouts, but I was not able to go.
Note to Mother, I finally got here!!!
5:15:04 PM I stopped to take a pic where the Rockies meet the Plains. As I was getting off the bike a car swooped in and stopped. Steve was traveling through and offered assistance to take the pic of me in it. Seriously Thoughtful Steve. If/when you read this drop me an email. OBTW, Steve is also a biker, but momentarily without a ride. Let's all wish for his bike to get back in shape real soon. Note: Bikers are good people.
5:15:04 PM Gaining elevation.
5:19:14 PM I'm definitely headed in the right direction. Hint: Look Close at the sign.
6:33:21 PM Taos architecture...Adobe, either real or plastic.
7:14:38 PM A nice view of the mountains which backdrop Taos.
7:28:03 PM The award winning steel bridge spanning the Rio Grande Gorge.
7:33:26 PM
7:44:11 PM
9:44:29 PM Ah, finally a really fantastic, authentic New Mexico meal. These Chili Rellenos were superb. The restaurant name "the Apple Tree" would not lead you to believe the fine Southwestern fare. I got this tip from the proprietor of the B&B I found in downtown Taos.
10:20:14 PM My room.
10:20:39 PM Full tummy, fire in the fireplace, nap time beckons.