Ted's Big Ride---Day Nine

Taos, NM to Sandia Park, NM via Santa Fe (twice) and Las Vegas
May 8, 2006

This was an absolutely superb day. The weather was blissful and the scenery spectacular. I ended the ride at David and Linda Jones beautiful house which nudges up to South Mountain in Sandia Park (eastern outskirts of Albuquerque. We all went out for a very nice New Mexican restaurant named Chilipenos. Thanks again to the wonderful and son and daughter-in-law of my former working collogue, Dr. Don Jones. I'm buttering him up a little so I can spend some time with Don and Jean later in the week.
Plan distance: 300 miles
Plan time at posted speed limit: 8 hours 11 minutes

Actual distance:  Today=316 miles,    Total=2,688 miles

Average Miles/Gallon: 41.2
Average Price/Gallon: $3.099

11:54:44 AM Ready to leave the B&B heading for the Taos Pueblo.

11:54:44 AM Taos Pueblo is considered to be the oldest continuously inhabited community in the USA. About 40 families reside in the Pueblo full time. Others live here long enough each year to maintain their status. The historic Pueblo can accommodate an upper limit of 80-90 families and is surrounded by other more modern sites. The (historic) section of the Pueblo maintains a restriction of NO ELECTRICITY and NO RUNNING WATER. This is to maintain the integrity of the buildings. They do now ever use propane gas for lighting and heating.

For more info check: Taos Pueblo site and World Heritage site.
12:23:48 PM The church is old, it was ruined in a revolt in 1684, rebuilt later on and razed again in 1847 during war. It has been kept in this state as a memorial to the people killed in the church by artillery during the was. The bell atop is original 1600's.
1:10:27 PM For sure the Pueblos were/are good cat people. Goes along way in my book.
1:10:51 PM The means of traversing the Pueblo buildings. I neglected to ask how the elderly get around!
1:15:15 PM Simply nice lines and hot peppers.
1:19:36 PM Yours truly coordinating with the blue door.
1:22:30 PM This is Mr. Ralph Concha, he made me a cedar balm to assist in making my clothes smell good.
1:50:44 PM Leaving Taos I saw this porch and noticed that in the Southwest, even the plastic chairs come in the "proper" colors.
3:35:25 PM I went to Abiquiu, NM to see the Georgia O'Keefe studio/house/museum, unfortunately it's closed Mondays. This picture is of the Abiquiu Pueblo Church.
4:24:12 PM Great scenery all along the drive from Taos to Santa Fe to Albuquerque.
6:25:22 PM Good thing I rode out to Las Vegas, NM for the scenery because this museum also closed Mondays.