Ted's Big Tow---Day Two

Starke, FL to Cape Coral, FL
May 4, 2007

The day started out with an unbelievable event...After I got up and assembled my gear, I went to the motel breakfast room to get a cup of coffee. The manager was there tidying up and making a new pot of Joe. I took cup of coffee to go and proceeded to loaded up the truck. After I had everything loaded, I and went to the breakfast room to top off my cup prior to hitting the road. The room was empty except for a man standing in front of the coffee pot watching the morning TV news. He stepped aside and said goodmorning. I looked at him and said "You look familiar." My mind starting clicking aloud---Ft. Meade, SILKWORTH, Remote Operations Facility, about 1980, your name...pause. He looked at me amazed and said right, Yea, you look familiar too, I'm Tom Harding. Bingo. I'm Ted Baird. Yes, I remember. He still lives in Maryland, is retired, and was just returning North after visiting relatives in FL. Another example---small world. We had not seen each other in about 26 years. If I could only develop a data retrieval algorithm to to compare with those little-grey-cells, GOOGLE-billions would be mine to share.
Now on with the adventure. I left Starke about 9:00 am looking at about 5 more hours on the road. I called Paul to give him a status update and all was ready for the meeting.
First observations---The car was in the garage. It is not Malaga Red, but Scarlet Red. It is totally origional, with no rust anywhere---amazing. I check it over here and there and then we take it out for a ride. It is tight and as crisp as I remember. Fits like an old friend. The interior is almost spotless. Of course there are minor defects, like some little door dings, but very nice indeed. Actual distance:  Today=279 miles,    Total=1024 miles
Actual time:  Today=4:15 Driving hours

I arrived at Paul and Sue's house at 2:15pm.
The truck has been loaded with all the space parts (trans, calipers, exhausts, gaskets, cables, etc, etc.) And the car fastened to the trailer.

We then got into out bathing suits and hopped into the backyard, enclosed pool, for a much appreciated cooling off. The weather was quite hot and all the loading was too much like work.

After the cooling off, we all got dressed, casual Florida style, and Paul and Sue took me to Ft. Myers beach for dinner, on the waterfront. Dinner was great and there was even a pelican actively dive fishing right in front of us-awesome. Well, after a little walk and busker watching we headed back home. I was getting tired and Paul also had a busy day including a morning medical procedure. He really is a trooper.
This is the resident cat. A Manx and a throughly sweet little animal. She took to me right away and even slept with me in the guest room. I have been know to have a 'Cat Hand' of sorts.