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Ted's Big Tow - 2007

May 3, 2007 - May 06, 2007

Welcome to my latest adventure. Let me tell you how it started. . . .

In 1976 I fulfilled my wildest dream and bought a new Malaga Red Porsche 914 2.0. '76 was the last year that Porsche was going to make the 914 - and I was in the mood for a Porsche! All right, all right, it was the bottom-of-the-line Porsche, but it was the top-of-the-line bottom! And who could afford a 911!

I soon took up with a group of sports car owners who did autocrossing regularly in the Metropolitan Washington Council of Sports Car Clubs series. The 914 is a terrific autocross car because the mid engine gives her great maneuverability. You need to go fast, but you really need to be able to go around those pylons accurately.

After 10 years of having fun in those events, and progressing from Stock, thru Prepared to the Modified class; I decided that I "needed" to start doing track events, and the 914 had to be modified to make it a "race car." Since she wasn't going to be street-legal any more, I bought a new '85 Chevy Blazer to function as a tow car. In making a serious track car I took the passenger seat out, installed roll and stabilizer bars, flared the fenders so I could install big tires, etc. and, finally, changed the engine to Weber Carbs with Nitrous Oxide. Great idea - wrong idea! I ran the car successfully at Lime Rock, Conn but the second time I towed her - up to a race track at Pocono, PA, - the engine blew. I towed her home and she has been immobile since 1986 - first in my basement in Ellicot City, then in the carport on Wyndale Street since 1987!

I loved that car! In fact, I still love it - although as you can see, (pics later) she has seen some better days. Periodically in the last 20 years, I have wished that I hadn't made all the changes to her, and that she was still street-legal. What fun it is on a beautiful Spring day to take the top off and go for a drive! Cool! However, it was simply too much effort, if not an impossibility, to turn the clock back and make her original again. So I wistfully looked at the Classified ads for 914s in Panorama (the Porsche club monthly magazine) and Der Vorganger (the local club newsletter). In those days there were several ads each month, then over the years, they became fewer and fewer until about 10 years ago when I saw the last ad - for a Malaga Red '76 Porsche. I thought long and hard, but let the time slip away and didn't call. . . .

Fast forward to the present - Claudia had been after me for about a year to get another car to replace the truck which over the years had gotten pretty sad. Actually, I always thought of the truck as being "nicked" and Claudia's mom, Ferinez, was kind enough to refer to it as "unique!" I swore I would drive it until the day I retired - you see, I bought it at the same time I switched jobs to the one I still have. However, Claudia is right - it is really wearing down. I'll do some pics to show how bad it is!

Well. . . . Just a couple of weeks ago, after more snide remarks from my beloved, I was looking through this month's Panorama, and what do I see - two ads for 914s! Two, after years of not seeing any. These cars were in PA and FL, but not necessarily what I was looking for. However, I did a web search and found one looked really interesting - it was a 1976 Red 2.0. Oh my goodness! I immediately called the guy (in Florida), and we talked for some time. He wanted to convince me that the interior was white - I told him I believed him because mine had white interior also. We compared VIN#, and his is only 35 numbers older than mine! He had a load of spare parts and seemed to want the car to go to a good home.

I wrote CP an email with a pic of the car and asked if she thought it would make a good truck replacement. Crazy person that she is, she said," Looks good to me - I always liked you in one." (P.S. That's how we met - by driving the same car to Summit Point Racetrack and parking next to each other.) So I called Paul, said I wanted the car, and I'm now driving to Florida with a trailer to pick it up and bring it home. Yes, you read that right - we are acquiring a new car - and I am driving to Florida to get it!

Click the calendar days below and follow my progress. . . . You can also see videos and pictures that Paul took to post on the Web.

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